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1895 Fund Consultation Update

On 10th November 2021, OASF issued a proposal detailing the potential options for the administration and use of The 1895 Fund. We encouraged you as members and fans to view it and send us your feedback. You can read the proposal again here.

On 10th January we will be issuing another survey for you to complete asking you to vote on the suggestions made in the original proposal plus any additional points or concerns that were made by you in the feedback.

The proposal and forthcoming consultation have been developed and supported primarily with the support of Push The Boundary supporters group (PTB), who we see as a key partner in developing and managing this fund, due to the work they have done over the past two years to raise awareness among the fan base, develop key professional partnerships and supporting the work of OASF. This fund should not be seen as an exclusive effort by OASF and / or PTB, but as a joint effort by ALL fans, fans groups businesses and the people of Oldham. OASF and PTB are simply putting themselves forward as responsible for managing the fund on your behalf.

On 4th January you received an email asking you to complete a fan skill audit (also available here), so that we can develop a network of skilled, professional supporters to help us manage and deliver results whilst both building the fund and in the event of having to use it. We are simply much stronger, wiser and better equipped when we work together.

We cannot exactly foresee how or when the fund will be needed or spent, but current events suggest it could be soon. It is therefore critically important that the decisions regarding this project are made swiftly, collectively and in the most democratic manner possible.This will only achieve it's goal if we all "buy in" and feel we can contribute in confidence. We will need to be reactive and important decisions will need to be made. As a board, we have taken responsibility to act on your behalf and in the best interests of the football club, you shall be consulted and asked to vote on any major investment decisions.

700 members responded to our last survey regarding your views on direct action, please make every effort to complete 1895 Fund Consultation when you receive it on Monday, your vote matters. Let's help rebuild Oldham Athletic for a brighter, more successful future.

Thank you.

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