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Membership Fees

In January, we finalised our conversion to a community benefit society. This brought a variety of benefits including access to new sources of funding to help us safeguard the future of OAFC. As we mentioned in our January statement, our new Rules mean that to be a member of OASF we must all pay an annual membership fee.

The OASF board have considered options for membership fees, taking into account our previous and forecasted expenditure as well as seeking to minimise the cost for our members. We agreed that the membership fee should be £12 per year.

The first time you log into your OASF account on our website after 30th April, you will be prompted to pay your membership fee. You must complete this opt-in process to be considered a member and get access to the OASF membership offer.

OASF Membership Offer

  • Own an equal share in OASF – this is your supporter society.

  • 10% OASF store discount.

  • A members only section of our website – access to news a week ahead of non-members.

  • An equal vote on decisions at General Meetings including electing the board of OASF.

  • Support our work to protect the long-term future of a prosperous OAFC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay the fee monthly?

No, the membership fee must be charged annually. So although the fee is only £1 a month, it must be paid all at once.

Can I pay for less than a year of membership?

No, the membership fee covers a whole year. There is no provision in our Rules for a shorter period or reduced fee. You can stop being an OASF member at any time but aren’t entitled to a refund.

What if I don’t want to pay for an OASF membership?

There’s nothing you need to do. You will retain a free account on our website and won’t be charged anything but also won’t receive any of the benefits above and will not be considered a member.

Can’t you use the 1895 Fund to cover your costs and lower the membership fee?

No, the 1895 Fund is ringfenced for specific purposes. It cannot be used for any other purpose.

Do I have to be a member to buy items from the OASF store?

No, but you won’t get the 10% discount.

Will the OASF board be paying for their membership?

Yes, everyone must be treated equally so there are no exceptions to this membership requirement.

Will I have to renew my membership every year?

Payment of your membership fee will be set to recur automatically. So once you ‘opt-in’, you’ll need to ‘opt-out’ using your account on our website.

When will my membership start and end?

Your membership will run for a calendar year from the date you pay for it. As above, you will need to cancel your upcoming payment to prevent renewal.

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