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Club Statement 30.06.22

We are delighted with the announcement released by the club at 2pm today. We were invited to attend a meeting at Boundary Park at 1.30pm ahead of the announcement, along with Push The Boundary. We were greeted by first team manager John Sheridan and Darren Royle plus Paul Whitehead and Simon Brooke from the Oldham Event Centre. We were briefed that the announcement was forthcoming and where the formalities of the deal are currently. The identity of the new investor has not been revealed to us yet. We understand that this information will only be released to the public upon completion of the deal.

It has been a very difficult few years for everyone associated with the football club, culminating in our relegation from the football league this spring. There is still work to be done and questions which need to be asked of the new investor in terms of due diligence, their intentions for the future management and vision for the club etc. But we warmly welcome today's announcement as a significant turning point for Oldham Athletic Football Club, both on and off the pitch. Darren Royle assured us, on behalf of the new investor, that our involvement in the future development and progress of the club is absolutely crucial and integral to their plans. We assured him and John Sheridan that as fans and as organisations, both OASF and PTB are fully behind Shez, the team and the football club.

We would like to acknowledge the work of both the current OAFC board and their landlord, Simon Blitz, in their collaborative efforts to help broker this deal, in the best interests of the club. We understand that the legal dispute that was formerly hampering any deals being done has now been settled, something which we greatly welcome.

We hope that the deal will be concluded before the start of the new season and we will keep you updated on our involvement.


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stan ogden
stan ogden
01 de jul. de 2022

Will season ticket sales for the Joe Royle stand recommence?


Just to clarify, When you are referring to Darren Royle in this letter. Is this/or not Joe Royles son? Or just a coincidental name?


01 de jul. de 2022
Respondendo a

Yes, Darren is Joe's son.

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