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OASF Board 2023/24

Following the election at this year’s AGM, we can confirm our board members for the next year:

Jim Booth

Jim is the chair of OASF. His main area of expertise is in the financial sector, where he contributed to the roll-out of corporate improvement schemes and applications. He made the move into social housing in 2017 and is responsible for compliance in various areas. You may be aware of Jim as the author of The Abdallah Years Timeline, which chronicled significant events at OAFC under the previous regime.

Matt Dean

Matt will be known to some fans as the host of The Boundary Park Alert System! podcast and the Latics Football Phone-In. He has a background in delivering education and training, digital marketing, music and as a small business owner. He currently runs KUPOD productions, a multi-media marketing production company and podcast studio in Hollinwood, Oldham.

Mick Harwood

Mick is a lifelong supporter of Latics having watched his first games in the Third Division Championship winning season of 1974. He now works in sales in a builders merchant, after having spent over two decades owning and running two of his own businesses. Both businesses won numerous awards both locally and nationally, ranging from business growth to community engagement awards, and Mick was once named as the Freeman Meacher Ambassador, for his work in promoting business in Oldham town centre.

Along with volunteering to work for this board, he established Friends of Tandle Hill Country Park and serves on their committee. Mick leads on accessing business support and grant funding for OASF.

Dominic Lowe

Dom was born in Oldham and grew up attending Boundary Park with his family as a season ticket holder in the old North stand, the Rochdale Road End, the Chaddy End and then the new North stand. Dom now lives in Pontefract, West Yorkshire and visits Boundary Park as much as he can. His current season ticket is near the Athleticos in the Rochdale Road End. Dom’s professional background is as a policy advisor in government departments.

Mark Mills

Mark is a passionate Oldham fan of over 25 years. He values the Club’s previous reputation as a family-first, community-run club and would like to see the days of fantastic community initiatives, and the re-emergence of local businesses and community members getting involved in the club return. Mark’s professional background is in customer service and account management.

Maurice Scott

Maurice is a freelance Finance Director having worked with business’ ranging from start-ups to £500m turnover. He has volunteered as a school governor for many years and is a director of a three-school academy trust in Oldham. He is also a volunteer with the Friends of Tandle Hills which works to keep the park a clean and welcoming environment. Born and brought up in Cumbria, he has supported Latics since 1985.

Chris Stringer

Chris joined the OASF board in 2023. He is a lifelong supporter and was a ballboy at the club as a teenager. He also has experience writing and podcast co-hosting with D3D4 Football, where he spent several years discussing Latics and other lower league matters. He values the community aspect of local football and is keen to support the club and the Foundation as it builds a stronger bond with the town. Outside of OASF, Chris is a PhD researcher investigating environmental change in Antarctica.

Paul Whitehead

Paul is a Chartered Management Accountant with over 20 years’ experience of operating at Executive Director level in businesses with a turnover of up to £100m pa. He is also a non-executive Director of a large housing association and serves as the Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee. He has also previously served as the Chair of a Credit Union. He has been attending games at Boundary Park since he was a young child in the late 1960s.

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