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Southend United

Latics fans may be aware of the ongoing crisis at Southend United, where staff have gone unpaid for months and there is uncertainty about the future of the club.

Having gone through our own challenges with unfit owners in our recent past, we stand in solidarity with the Southend fans and their direct action to draw greater attention to their plight and force through a change of ownership.

It remains unclear whether the fixture against Southend at the start of the season will go ahead or not. If it does, we stand ready to support their protests, in whatever form they take.

We are in contact with our counterparts at the Shrimpers Trust and protest groups and will share any plans for coordinated action once it is communicated to us.

In the meantime, we ask that Latics fans do what they can to raise the profile of the ongoing situation at Southend United on social media using #MartinOut

Recent Photo of Roots Hall from Twitter (@CustardSplatPod)

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