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The Future of OASF

Outcome of OASF Feedback Survey

The OASF board have discussed the summary of the OASF feedback survey and agreed the following actions based on your feedback:


  • We have started work on a Latics art project.

  • Agreed to start regular satisfaction surveys on Latics-related topics for members.

  • OASF taking over the official club away travel is being considered. We plan to present a proposal in due course for feedback.


  • Recognising the need to replace the ‘Trust Oldham’ advertising hoarding at Boundary Park, we will look to design a new banner to replace it with, subject to club agreement.

  • As started in October, we will publish OASF board meeting minutes, once approved at the following meeting.

  • We will review how often we summarise our engagement with the Club after our next meeting with Darren Royle. We have already committed to publishing the answers to members’ questions from that meeting. The main consideration for publishing meeting summaries from our Darren Royle meetings is the time and effort required to agree a satisfactory summary for both OASF and the Club.

  • As started in October, we will aim to appear on the Boundary Park Alert System! podcast each month.

  • From next year, we will begin hosting member workshops.

OASF seat on the club board

  • We have agreed that any decision on who to appoint to be the OASF representative on the club board will be ratified by a vote of OASF members.

  • We will continue to develop proposed ways of working for the next appointment to the club board but acknowledge the urgency from fans.


  • To address confusion around membership status following the reintroduction of the £12 membership fee, we will remove unpaid log-ins from our website. Further communications on this will follow in due course.

  • We will ask the Club for a club shop discount for OASF members.


To enable us to deliver these improvements, we need volunteers. You can volunteer in a variety of ways. If you’d like to volunteer, please contact us at and you will be put in touch with the relevant director(s). Here are some areas where volunteers could support us:

  • Accountant: Following our conversion to a community benefit society, we need new accountants confident in the financial reporting for this type of organisation. Please get in touch if you can offer us a quote.

  • Away travel: Volunteers can help us design our proposal for how OASF can take over and improve the away travel offer for Latics fans. We may also need volunteers to help us operate away travel if OASF takes over, both helping fans book and helping host on the coach.

  • 1895 Fund: Volunteers can help us with the governance of and fundraising for the 1895 Fund.

  • Latics art project: Volunteers can help us deliver an art project around Oldham celebrating Latics.

  • Matchday engagement: Volunteers can help us explore how to improve our matchday engagement, which currently includes our matchday kiosk and leaflet distribution. We’re also looking for volunteers to man our kiosk to sign up new members and hand out leaflets.

  • Regular satisfaction surveys: We’re looking for volunteers to help us design and analyse the regular satisfaction surveys on Latics-related topics.

  • Latics Lift: Volunteers can help us develop our Latics Lift offer, helping more fans get to more games.

  • OASF seat on board: We’re looking for volunteers to help us design and agree with the Club the ways of working for the next OASF representative on the club board.

  • Meeting minutes: Volunteers can help us by taking notes during OASF board meetings and/or meetings between us and the Club. These meetings usually take place online once per month at 7pm on a Monday.

  • Membership offer: Volunteers can help us develop our membership offer and improve our membership numbers to give us a bigger say with the Club.

  • Members’ blog: We are offering members the opportunity to write regular blogs to be posted on and shared via our social media channels.

  • New initiatives: We’re also encouraging volunteers to come up with and lead their own initiatives with our support.

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