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Event Launch

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Tonight we officially launch our new website and new era of fundraising. We especially wanted to thank our main event sponsors.

  • Tezelec

  • GB recruitment.

Of course there are many other people that we want to thank;

  • Our guests Ricky Holden, Paul Murray, Andy Ritchie & Darren Beckford

  • Our website partner Digitex UK.

  • Our hosts the Oldham Event centre.

And you too! As valued members we want you to be part of the journey with us, even if you aren't able to attend in person. So, we have arranged for our presentation, to be released to you at the same time as it is rolled out at the OEC. It includes slides on our first lottery win and first pledger. Please note there is no sound as these are being played on screens in the OEC.

Additionally, we have a special members draw. Gift vouchers have been donated by Samantha Corry. All members will be allocated a number and be entered into a draw. Winners will be contacted next week.

Thank you for your support


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