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Volunteers Needed For Boot Bank 

At the end of the season we are going to launch a Boot Bank scheme. We will collect pre worn children's football boots and donate them to children whose family find it difficult to afford to buy a pair of boots.

Currently 40% of children in Oldham are affected by poverty. We aim that no child in Oldham should be stopped from playing football because of the cost of living crisis.

We have received grant funding from the Action Together One Oldham Fund to cover our costs. We will be working with a range of partners fincluding Oldham Athletic, community and charity groups, local football clubs and schools throughout

To achieve our aims we need a team of volunteers to fulfil a range of tasks.

We need help with the following :

·       Arranging poster and leaflet distribution

·       Collecting boots from collection points around Oldham

·       Delivering boots to distribution points around Oldham

·       Sorting and refurbishing boots

We would also like to hear from anyone who may have contacts with groups such as local football clubs and organisations, community groups and schools, that may want to participate in the scheme.

There is no experience required, we just need whatever time you can give to help us run the scheme, which will run from April until October.

Depending on what tasks you end up completing, it could develop your skills and evidence a wide range of skills to build up or bolster examples at an interview,  

If you are interested in helping, or have any suggestions to help the scheme be a success contact  


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