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About Us: Our Team


Founded in 2004 after Chris Moore left the club in financial dire straits. After various fundraising events a new owner was found. A 3% stake in the club for £200,000.00 was offered by new owners Simon Blitz, Danny Gazal and Simon Corney.

The aim of the 3% stake in the club is to allow OASF sight of the way in which the club is being run and to alert fans when something is going wrong, but also highlight when things are going well. It entitles the Foundation Oldham to a seat on the club board.

Historically the OASF has run numerous fund-raising events to raise funds for the club and elected charities. PlayerShare was also developed as a separate fund to support the signing of or development of young players.

In 2017, OASF worked to have Boundary Park listed as an asset of community value (ACV) under the Localism Act (2011). This was the first ACV in the Borough.

In times of difficulty, OASF is here to act as an alert system for fans and to ensure we do not end up on the same path as we did under the ownership of Chris Moore. 

OASF is committed to: 

  • Strengthening the voice of the supporters

  • Strengthening links between the club and community it serves

  • Holding the club Board and ownership to account

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