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AGM News & New Director Nominations


Thank you for signing up as a member of Oldham Athletic Supporters Foundation (OASF). This year’s OASF Annual General Meeting (AGM) is on Thursday 27 October. At the AGM, which will be hosted online, we will be voting:

2. Whether to convert OASF into a community benefit society

3. To elect seven new directors onto the OASF board

Community Benefit Society Conversion

A one-page summary of what converting to a community benefit society means and why we want to do it is attached below. We encourage all members to read this before voting opens. If you have any questions about conversion to a community benefit society, do not hesitate to contact us at or on social media here Twitter, Facebook.


Nominations are now open for those wanting to stand for election to the OASF board. We have attached a job specification below to give you a sense of what is expected of OASF board members.

Only OASF members who signed up by Monday 26 September can stand for election. Every person wishing to stand for election must have their nomination form signed by two other OASF members (who signed up by Monday 26 September).

We are electing seven new directors this year. The terms each director will serve will vary to ensure that the number of new directors that need to be elected at future AGMs is consistent and manageable. If seven new directors are elected, the terms will be as follows:

· The four directors with the most votes will serve three years

· The director with the 5th most votes will serve two years

· The directors with the 6th and 7th most votes will serve one year

This means that three directors’ terms would expire in 2023 and 2024, with four directors’ terms expiring in 2025. If less than seven directors are elected, we will rebalance the lengths of terms as appropriate and confirm after the AGM.

If you would like to stand for election, please complete the attached nomination form and return it to our election management group at

Election Management Group

To ensure this year’s OASF election is open and fair, we have assembled an election management group separate from the OASF board. The members of this Board are:

· Bradley Knowles - OASF Secretary

· Allison Dyson - OASF member

· Robert Whitaker - Blackpool Supporters Trust Secretary

OASF is evolving and we want you to become more involved in that process. Please take the time to read the documents below ahead of the AGM. If you wish to put yourself forward as a director, please don't delay, get your nomination form in quickly, the deadline is 11th October.

Thank you.

CBS Conversion Info Document

CSB Conversion Info
Download PDF • 44KB

OASF Director Job Description

OASF Director Job Description and Person Specification (8) WITH DM (1)
Download PDF • 175KB

Candidate Nomination Form

Candidate Nomination Form 2022
Download DOCX • 66KB

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