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AGM Voting Results

Voting at this year’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) closed on Thursday 27 July. Thanks to all our members who took the time to vote this year. We have verified and counted your votes and can announce the results:


As this was our first AGM as a community benefit society, all 10 seats on the OASF board were up for election. There were 8 candidates standing this year so, as long as they all got more ‘Yes’ votes than ‘No’ votes, they would be elected.

The verified results from our election management group are as follows:

  • Dom Lowe, 3 years (126 ‘Yes’, 3 ‘No’)

  • Mick Harwood, 3 years (125 ‘Yes’, 4 ‘No’)

  • Paul Whitehead, 3 years (125 ‘Yes’, 4 ‘No’)

  • Jim Booth, 2 years (125 ‘Yes’, 4 ‘No’)

  • Maurice Scott, 2 years (124 ‘Yes’, 5 ‘No’)

  • Chris Stringer, 2 years (124 ‘Yes’, 5 ‘No’)

  • Matt Dean, 1 year (122 ‘Yes’, 7 ‘No’)

  • Mark Mills, 1 year (121 ‘Yes’, 8 ‘No’)

The election management group has awarded the candidates who received the most ‘Yes’ votes the longest terms. They gave Jim a shorter term than Paul and Mick because he has been on the board longer.

Rules Change

We asked members to approve a change to our Rules. The change was to correct our recorded financial end-of-year date to 31 January. The vote required a 75% majority to pass.

94 members voted on this proposal:

  • 93 members voted ‘Yes’

  • 1 member voted ‘No’

As a result, this vote passed. We will submit the relevant changes to the Financial Conduct Authority.

Disapplying Audit Requirements

We asked members to vote to disapply the full audit requirements for next year’s financial accounts. The vote required an 80% majority (And less than 10% of total members to vote against) to pass.

94 members voted on this proposal:

  • 87 members voted ‘Yes’

  • 7 members voted ‘No’

As a result, this vote passed so next year’s accounts will be independently examined (instead of audited). The independent examination will be conducted in line with the guidance provided by the Football Supporters Association.

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