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Board Resignations 04/02/22

We can now confirm that the OASF Board have formally accepted the resignations of Tracy Wright and Mark Harrington. Both Mark and Tracy have given a significant number of years service to the supporters foundation and the current board would like to thank them for their efforts over that time and wish them both well in the future.

Mark and Tracy have resigned because they see OASF going in a different direction than they are comfortable with and we respect their views and their decision. The remaining members of the board feel comfortable and confident that the direction we are attempting to take OASF is one which aligns with the values and expectations of the majority of our existing members.

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Thank you OASF. For the sake of open-ness, honesty and transparency. I give you my permission to publish my email resignation. Thanks to volunteers, members and fans who I have had the honour to engage with and meet along the way. Cheers Tracy

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It would be helpful to all members to know what they objected to in the direction of the foundation they found unacceptable.

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“A little help is worth a lot of sympathy”. It’s a shame that Tracy has resigned - a stalwart of our club who got things done.

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