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Broken Promises: Phase Three

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

On 6th September 2021, as stated on the club’s own website “For transparency, Owner Abdallah Lemsagam sent a detailed reply back to the Oldham Athletic Supporters Foundation (OASF) after recent dialogue over a number of topics.” (read full article here)

The open letter to OASF was written in direct response to wide-spread, national media coverage sparked by on-field protests and demonstrations held against Mr Lemsagam’s ownership and management of OAFC. PTB and OASF called for him to answer the concerns of the fans directly, after both he and club director Adam Morallee publicly criticised fans on TalkSPORT radio, accusing them of “killing the club”.

During a face to face meeting between representatives from OASF & PTB, it was made perfectly clear to Mr Lemsagam and Mr Morrallee, that genuine efforts to communicate effectively with fans, OASF and PTB to find constructive solutions, must be made by the club WITHOUT the need to ask, apply pressure, demonstrate or protest. OASF made it clear in a statement dated 06/09/21 (read here) that it was “now or never” for Mr Lemsagam. It was time to deliver and that failure to meet expectations, would result in OASF rolling out a three phased plan of action.

As a result, the open letter made the following commitments to OASF (actions to date below):

1) Meeting the OASF every month with a Board member present. The meetings should have an agenda and have minutes circulated

· One such meeting on 27/09/21 took place

· October meeting cancelled by the club

· The club have made no effort to reschedule for October or schedule for November

2) Appointing a new Fan Director, to improve communication between the Club and fans

· This has not happened, nor have the club reached out to us to discuss it further

3) Continue to progress with more financial information being made available

· OASF director granted access to accounts in September

· OASF director denied access to accounts in October

4) Attend a fans forum with all the Board present twice a year

· There has been no contact from the club with regards to organising the two outstanding forums due between now and the end of December 2021

5) Commit to a new three-year plan to be produced before the end of October

· There has been no update from the club relating to the existence of the plan to date (08/11/21)

It is perfectly clear from the lack of action towards delivering THEIR OWN promises, that the leadership at Oldham Athletic have no desire to work with OASF, PTB or any other fans, who may view their leadership as anything other than misunderstood. Mr Lemsagam has indeed been in the country during this period and attended matches at BP. He did not reach out to us to meet, nor did he attempt to arrange one of the full board meetings or fans forums he promised to deliver. Once again, promises from Mr Lemsagam have proven to be little more than an attempt to deflect the heat, whilst under the intense spotlight of the national media.

You have left us with no choice Mr Lemsagam; amongst other serious concerns, your actions, your inactions, your inflexible approach, your disregard for supporters and your lack of commitment to deliver on your promises, leave us with no choice but to ascertain that you are not a fit and proper person capable of managing Oldham Athletic Football Club.

OASF will, therefore be entering stage three of our plan and working with our partners to facilitate your departure from the football club.

An update on how we plan to deliver this will follow.

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Time is up for the owner and he should sell up asap to save Latics from possible relegation from the EFL - not sure the club could recover from such a blow !!


Well done. OASF's approach was measured, and the owner should have responded meaningfully. He has instead demonstrated no respect for the supporters and their representative groups, and taken no steps at all that might give any confidence for the club's future or its very survival. Everybody should now come together and support Push The Boundary's immediate plans for a match day protest and a later match day boycott. We must then continue to protest and publicise the great risk of the owner to the club by all available means, with OASF and PTB working completely together from now onwards.


Nov 08, 2021

At least the Foundation is honouring it's word!

Cry havoc!

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