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Call for Candidates 

At this year’s Annual General Meeting (Monday 29 July), we’ll be electing up to 5 board members. We are calling on all members to seriously consider standing for election to support your democratic supporters’ organisation. 

There are several negative consequences if we can’t get a full board of 10 after this election: 

  • Decisions would be made by an even smaller number of people, limiting the constructive challenge, with the board’s decisions potentially being less representative of the overall fanbase/membership’s views. 

  • We would have failed to diversify our board – the five board members whose terms go beyond this election are all white and male. 

  • There would be less capacity within the OASF board to deliver the initiatives that our members and the wider fanbase expect. We would likely need to reduce our activities unless we got significant extra volunteer support instead. 

Any OASF member who signed up by Saturday 29 June can stand for election. They just need to complete a nomination form and get it signed by two other OASF members (who also signed up by Saturday 29 June). 

Candidate Nomination Form 2024
Download DOCX • 62KB

If you are interested, please feel free to contact any of the existing OASF board who would be happy to give any advice or answer questions. We are also offering help with finding other members to sign your nomination form. Candidates can contact us at   

We will be publishing blogs from current board members to provide personal insight into what it’s actually like to be on the OASF board and why we do it. 

To stand for election, you must complete the nomination form by Monday 22 July and send it to the election management group at  


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