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Concerned Shareholder Proposal - Open Letter to OAFC

Dear Abdallah, Mohamed and Adam,

We are publicly writing to you as concerned shareholders of Oldham Athletic FC (this letter will be posted on our website shortly after we send it to you in the interests of transparency for the benefit of our members).

We do not wish to cover too much old ground again, but it is pertinent to remind you at this juncture that in your open letter dated 06.09.21, you promised OASF monthly meetings with at least one member of your board. Since the cancellation of the unfulfilled October meeting and the resignation of Richard Bowden last month, this only leaves three directors of Oldham Athletic.

There are a few points and questions worth raising here -

  • We are concerned at the lack of local knowledge and diversity of directors on this board, particularly in the current crisis

  • None of the directors are full-time residents in the local area and one lives in Dubai

  • The club is in crisis, and we need you to acknowledge this by at least attempting to deliver on some of your public promises

  • We do not accept going into discussions with Paul Hughes and Steven Brown as alternative contacts at this point

  • Does Abdallah plan to return to the UK to meet with the board and / or anyone else soon?

  • Are you still open to meetings with us?

As shareholders, we have taken the opportunity to survey our members on how they feel about the current situation. We have decided that consultation with them, as fans, gives us the best indication of their feelings and that by acknowledging this realistically, we can attempt to forecast fan behaviour and how that will directly impact the finances and security of the football club in 2022.

We are happy to use this opportunity as a chance to meet with you as a board and present these results to you before they are distributed to our members and the wider fan base. As shareholders we all have the best interests of the club, it’s future and its fans at heart and must surely agree that urgent action needs to be taken?

We offer you until 6pm on Thursday 6th of January 2022 to take us up on this important opportunity. Let’s analyse this data and discuss a proactive strategy together, in the best interests of the football club. The results of the survey suggest that time is a key factor therefore we would expect a meeting to be arranged by the same date for a date no later than the following Thursday, the 13th January.

We urge you to take this offer and enter a new phase of honest, realistic, and open communication in the best interests of Oldham Athletic Football Club. We owe it to the fans.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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Spot on. Thanks for your hard work OASF and please, never give up.

Matthew Dean
Matthew Dean
Jan 06, 2022
Replying to

Giving up on our football club really isn't an option. Thank you.

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