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Crawley Town Statement

Supporters will have seen the Club’s statement yesterday announcing restrictions on ticket and alcohol sales and mandatory searches of all supporters for Saturday’s fixture against Crawley Town. We contacted Oldham Council yesterday regarding the meeting of the Safety Advisory Group referenced in the statement.

Oldham Council confirmed that the Safety Advisory Group met yesterday (4 May) and that the measures for Saturday were proposed by the Club and accepted by the rest of the Safety Advisory Group. The Council were clear that the Safety Advisory Group has not imposed any measures on the Club.

We strongly condemn the actions taken by the Club. They reflect the contempt for supporters which has been consistent throughout Mr Lemsagam’s ownership.

The restrictions on ticket sales at such short notice will have a particular impact on supporters without regular internet or social media access who may end up being turned away at the turnstile.

We encourage all supporters, whether they plan to enter Boundary Park or not, to attend and support the protest organised by Push the Boundary before Saturday's fixture.

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Did you ask the council about the illegal blocking of fire exits last week?

Dominic Lowe
Dominic Lowe
May 05, 2022
Replying to

We did. But don't have a concrete update on that yet as the Council's investigation is still ongoing. We will look to share an update once we've got something substantial to share.

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