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Fans Groups Update

As three groups, each filled with lifelong supporters with the Club's best interests at heart, OASF, PTB and the FLG are of one mind that there is no future for our club under this regime and they must go.

This historic, family club of ours has been shattered by the Lemsagams and it has taken just four painful years to reach this new, lowest point.

In recent months, our groups have been working hard to develop a mutual trust and understanding and have held initial discussions to explore how we could work successfully together.

The only way to draw a line under this disastrous regime, that still fails to acknowledge or rectify their mistakes, continually break their promises and blame the fans, is to find solutions in a completely unified fan base who share the same vision for the future of Oldham Athletic.

We urge you to participate in the fans forum on 12th May, where all parties will be available to answer your questions and concerns on this and other matters relating to the future of OAFC.

Thank you.

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