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Fans Together Walk

As you may know, Rochdale fans are planning to walk from Spotland to Boundary Park ahead of the big derby game this coming weekend. Both clubs have had / are having issues related to problems off the field, with Dale being subject to a hostile take over attempt.

From 3pm - 5pm on Saturday there will be no love lost and we all hope that Latics will do the double over our closest rivals. But football is a 24/7 passion for all fans and this walk is an opportunity to show that we support and empathise with each other off the pitch, especially when our clubs are threatened.

So if you want to take part and show your solidarity and unity with Dale fans, here is the link to the Dale Trust page

The plans as it stands is as follows-

10-15 leave Spotland

10-30 to 11:00 Flying Horse Rochdale

11-45 to 12-15 Summit Inn, Royton

Arriving at Boundary Park around 1pm.

The culmination of the walk will be at the OEC, who are kindly providing free drinks and snacks for all the walkers. If you wish to raise money for your favoured charity or the 1895 Fund along the way, please feel free.

Good luck to all the walkers, let’s hope for a fine day, as we walk together.

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