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Important OASF Update

On 12 May Oldham Athletic Supporters Foundation (OASF) and Push the Boundary are hosting a fans’ forum at the Oldham Events Centre.

OASF will set out what we have learnt and achieved since the new board was formed last year and to share our plans with you. We are working on a new vision for OASF and Oldham Athletic (OAFC) and will be presenting you with details of that vision, including how we intend to get there.

OASF has two primary focuses:

  1. Ensuring that OASF is ready with both the financial and human resources to support the Club at a time of financial and/or leadership crisis, such as administration.

  2. Playing a lead role in facilitating a change of ownership at OAFC that is beneficial long-term.

In recent months we have spoken with a number of individuals and groups who have shown an interest in the future of Oldham Athletic. Some have been more serious than others but, regardless, we have gained and learned a lot from these exchanges. 

We have learned that there is interest in Oldham Athletic as an investment and that the fans and local community are seen as an integral part of rebuilding the Club. We could have the basis of a consortium in place, in the form of a substantial seven figure proposition from a very serious and credible source, should future circumstances meet their requirements.

To realise our aspiration for a consortium with the means and values to take OAFC forward we need:

  • Partnership – A consortium approach to purchasing the club was favoured by most we have spoken to. We are engaging other possible investors right now. If you can help, please let us know.

  • Fan “buy-in” – If we can build a significant contingency fund, we can be part of a consortium and the future of OAFC. Please contribute what you can.

  • Local “buy-in” – Local council & business involvement. We are in discussion with Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council, and we will be contacting local businesses soon. If there is a local business you want us to contact, please let us know.

  • A plan – We are drafting our vision for OAFC, and we are receiving advice and assistance from a growing number of professionals who are helping us map a credible and progressive business strategy for OAFC. 

We are excited about sharing our vision with you as it will lay out how important it is that everyone plays their part – fans, local businesses, business and community leaders, OMBC, and local politicians – all need to be on board in order to attract additional quality investors to collaborate on the exciting project of rebuilding OAFC.

We will need your input to make it a vision for the fans, by the fans. If you can, be there on 12 May and be there for Oldham Athletic when it needs you most.

We are doing all we can, but we can’t do this alone, the time to act is now:

  • If you can spare it – Contribute what you can to the 1895 Fund.

  • If you have a fundraising idea – Take action and make it happen.

  • Local business owners – Contribute to the 1895 Contingency Fund, speak to us about being a part of the consortium, or pledge your services to make our vision a reality.

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