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Latics Lift Update

We have had a great response following the launch of Latics Lift. Here are some of the specific offers of lifts and requests for a lift currently unfilled:

Lift Offers

  1. Astley near Leigh, home games. A space is also available for away games.

  2. Shaw, home games. Will be parking on the Rochdale Road End car park, 1 space available. Availability for some away games too.

  3. Near Measham and Tamworth, the Midlands, most home games.

  4. Stafford, home games.

  5. Portsmouth, weekend away games.

Lift Requests

  1. Merseyside, home games. Interested in car share to save costs and attend more games.

  2. Linthwaite, Huddersfield area, home games.

We also have some fans that have offered lifts to away games in general from Oldham.

If you are interested in following up any of these opportunities, please email and we will put you in touch.

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