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OASF Feedback Survey

Over the last couple of years, Oldham Athletic Supporters Foundation (OASF) has changed a lot. Even in the last year, we've had a takeover at the Club, leading to a shift in approach, and conversion to a community benefit society which has led to the reintroduction of our membership fee.

We want to make sure that OASF is the best organisation it can be. This is important so that we're delivering the initiatives our members want and so we can attract as many fans to become members as possible.

As a result, we're launching a survey for all Latics fans to give feedback on OASF to let us know what we can do better and how we can attract more members. The survey will be open until 23:59 on Tuesday 26 September. We'll publish a summary of the responses on our website once we've analysed them.

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