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Something Old, Something New...

On 10th April OASF in partnership with JW Lees and Hope & Glory Sportswear, proudly launches these retro inspired shirts in aid of the 1895 Fund, OASF and Oldham Foodbank.

The shirts were originally conceived as an alternative option for fans who didn't want to purchase official club merchandise under the previous regime. A lot of hard work and development went into the project, led by Jim Booth, so despite the takeover we wanted to ensure that we were still able to release them with the blessing of the club.

We'd like to thank OAFC for permission to use the (much-loved and missed) classic club crest and for kindly allowing OASF to use all of the profits how we see fit, despite our initial offer to split them with the club. Thanks also go to JW Lees who supported the idea from the start and helped us fund the initial run of shirts, which were beautifully designed and made by Hope & Glory.

The exclusively limited edition shirts will be on sale for one month from the 10th April and are only available from Each shirt will be made to order and will take up to six weeks to arrive. Profits from the sales will be split equally three ways between OASF, 1895 Fund and Oldham Foodbank.

As we’ve said to you before, OASF is delighted that the club is now in new ownership and under new management and we thank them for all their hard work in securing the football club, land and stadium. However, OASF must always look ahead and plan for the long-term security of the club, which means that despite the security we all feel now thanks to the Rothwell family, we must remain vigilant and think a few moves ahead.

The last few years have proven how important it is for supporters to stay involved at the heart of the club and OASF is YOUR voice on the board of directors. We have made it clear to the club that OASF intends to raise funds to contribute to the club in return for an increased stake in it, so that in future your voice will have more influence in the boardroom.

With that in mind, OASF are also opening our new CBS membership on 10th April priced annually at £12 per year. Each member will own one share of our newly formed Community Benefit Society and membership fees will help us cover the cost of running the Society plus organise events and promotions to help grow the 1895 Fund. Please note that from Tuesday 10th April, all previous memberships to OASF will be void and you will need to visit and sign up again. Memberships will renew automatically annually, if you stop your payments you will lose your membership, your vote and your share in the CBS.

We encourage you to sign up as a member of OASF before you purchase a shirt, as all members will automatically receive a 10% discount at checkout when you are signed in as a member - this CANNOT be applied retrospectively, please become a member BEFORE you buy a shirt to receive the discount!

The future of OASF and OAFC is now in our hands, we have a club board who are prepared to work with us and we need your backing to ensure that we can help create the club and facilities that you want to support. Supporters' voices need to be heard on the terraces and in the boardroom. Join OASF from Tuesday 10the April and make sure yours can be heard on both.

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