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Taking OASF Forwards 

Our Annual General Meeting is on Monday 29 July. You need to register to be an OASF member by Saturday 29 June if you want to take part. 

One of the key aspects of the Annual General Meeting is electing new OASF board members. To stand for election or vote in the election, you must have become a member of OASF by 23:59 on Saturday 29 June.  

What do OASF board members do? 

  • Set the strategic direction of OASF. 

  • Develop and administrate initiatives, like Latics Lift and surveys. 

  • Meet monthly to discuss progress and agree actions. 

  • Meet Club representatives like the CEO, Darren Royle, each month to monitor and influence the Club. 

  • Determine OASF policies, like membership fees and procedures for sharing meeting minutes. 

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