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Your OASF, Your Vote 

On Monday 29 July, we’ll be holding our 2024 Annual General Meeting. This is an opportunity for all Latics fans to influence the direction of our democratic supporter organisation. We’ll be electing new board members to steer the strategic direction of OASF.  

To be involved in our Annual General Meeting, either as a voter or a candidate to be a board member, you must have signed up as an OASF member by 23:59 on Saturday 29 June. You can become an OASF member for £12 per year. 

What happens at an Annual General Meeting? 

  • Update from the current OASF board. 

  • Presentation of OASF accounts. 

  • Members’ questions to the OASF board. 

  • Election of OASF board. 

  • Voting on whether OASF accounts should be independently examined or audited. 

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