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The Dawn of a New Era

Today is a huge day in the history of Oldham Athletic Football Club. The past four years in particular have been incredibly tough for us all. We have had to make very difficult, controversial decisions, personal sacrifices and follow our belief that Oldham Athletic can be so much better than the standards we’ve had to endure in recent times.

We knew that better options were out there but in order to find them, we needed to challenge the previous custodians and more importantly push ourselves, to help create an environment that made their continued ownership of the club untenable. In doing this we created space for new investment and management to take their place. As a fanbase, working together with belief, ambition, passion and dedication, today, we can stand up and say - we did it.

More importantly, today is a huge day for the future of our club. History is a great teacher, and we have so many examples, at this club in particular, of how NOT to do things. We must learn, we must evolve and we must thrive. Everyone involved at Oldham Athletic must share this vision and this passion, from the fans, through the academy, the backroom staff, the players, the board and the town. We warmly welcome the Rothwell family, Joe and Darren Royle and the rest of the new board and look forward to helping them rebuild Oldham Athletic, from the ground up, from the National League up. As OASF, we are servants of the club and the fans. It is our role, no matter how difficult at times, to help preserve and protect OAFC and to see it prosper.

We’d like to thank all the supporters who backed us, who got involved and who insisted on change. We’d call on you now, those same supporters and more, to stay involved, to stay focused and help us realise our collective dream of a successful, sustainable, inclusive and profitable football club in the heart of Oldham.

We are all on the same team again and now the really hard work of helping build the club we’ve worked so hard to save, begins.

Thank you all.

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