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Volunteer Request: Matchday Engagement 


OASF’s main methods of engagement are online, via social media. This season, we’ve been keen to widen our methods of engagement to reach a wider set of Latics fans and provide a matchday presence where existing members can provide feedback. Therefore, we have set up a matchday OASF kiosk at Boundary Park at the Fan Bar and have been leafleting around the stadium on select matchdays. We are looking for volunteers to help us staff the kiosk and leaflet on a matchday. 

What would you need to do? 

Between 1:30-2:30pm on a Saturday matchday, help us run the kiosk. This could include: 

  • Talking to prospective and existing members about OASF and Latics in general. 

  • Using an OASF tablet to help new members sign up. 

  • Providing members with their exclusive members’ badge. 

  • Handing out leaflets. 

  • Setting up/putting away the kiosk itself. 

Experience required 

There is no experience required. We will train you on how to use our tablet to help sign up members and how to record someone as having their badge given to them.  

Time requirement 

1 hour before Saturday matchdays: We are currently running the kiosk once per month. There is no expectation that a volunteer would help at every kiosk but whatever help can be provided would be appreciated. 

Location requirement 

In-person on matchdays: Anyone attending Boundary Park on a Saturday matchday can volunteer.  

Benefits for Volunteer 

Helping with the kiosk is an opportunity to develop communication and basic IT skills. You will also join our volunteer network and WhatsApp group (optional).  

How to Volunteer 

Contact if you are interested in volunteering. We’re always happy to answer any further questions. 

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