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Volunteer Job Advert: Summer Event 


As part of our OASF survey last September, respondents told us they’d like OASF to run more events for members and supporters in general. Events are a good way of building and celebrating our Latics community. On top of that, events provide a good opportunity for OASF to build our membership as well as raise money for OASF running costs and the 1895 Fund.  

We’re hoping to run a large event this summer for Oldham fans to bring us all together whilst there is no football on. However, organising and running an event is time-consuming, so we need extra heads and hands to make it happen. Without volunteers, this event won’t be able to happen. 

What would you need to do? 

We need volunteers to help us both organise and run the event. You could do either or both. 

Organising the event could include: 

  • Coming up with ideas for the event’s focus and subsidiary ideas for how to best run the event alongside OASF board members. 

  • Contacting local venues, guests and other potential stakeholders to bring the event together. 

  • Organising volunteers to help run the event. 

  • Designing communications, including on social media, about the event to maximise attendance. 

Running the event could include: 

  • Checking tickets. 

  • Running a merch stall. 

  • Directing attendees.  

  • Running an OASF membership stall. 

  • Physically setting up/packing away the event itself. 

Experience required 

There is no experience required. We will match tasks to your abilities/time constraints and train you how to do them if necessary.   

Time requirement 

No set time requirement: Whatever time you can give to help us organise the event will be much appreciated. 

Location requirement 

Anywhere: Organising the event can be done entirely online with written discussions over email and WhatsApp and verbal discussions over Microsoft Teams. This means anyone with an internet connection can volunteer.   

Benefits for Volunteer 

Depending on what tasks volunteers end up completing, they could develop and evidence a wide range of skills to help build up or bolster examples at an interview, such as: organisational, communication, teamwork, and IT skills. You will also join our volunteer network and WhatsApp group (optional).   

How to Volunteer 

Contact if you are interested in volunteering. We’re always happy to answer any further questions.  


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