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Volunteer Request: Satisfaction Surveys 


As part of our OASF survey in September, supporters told us that they would like OASF to run regular satisfaction surveys on Latics-related topics. The survey would provide useful context for OASF to present to and discuss with the Club, covering a wide range of topics beyond just on-field performance e.g. matchday experience and online engagement. 

What would you need to do? 

First, you would help us design the survey, including what questions we ask about which topics. Then, on an ongoing basis, you would analyse the results of the survey and produce a summary for the OASF and OAFC boards, which would also be published on 

Experience required 

You will need basic IT skills to be able to use survey-making websites. Whilst experience creating/analysing a survey would be helpful, it is not necessary.  

Time requirement 

3-5 hours every 2/3 months: The OASF board do not anticipate that the survey would need to be run more than once every 2/3 months. The exact frequency of the survey would be agreed with the volunteer to accommodate their availability. OASF board members will work with the volunteer to design a survey that is not time-consuming to analyse. 

Location requirement 

Anywhere: This work can be done entirely online with written discussion over email and WhatsApp and verbal discussion over Microsoft Teams so anyone with an internet connection, even those abroad, can volunteer.  

Benefits for Volunteer 

This is an opportunity to develop and evidence analytical skills to help build up a CV or bolster examples at an interview. There will also be the chance to present your analysis to the OASF board to build evidence of those communication skills (if desired). You will also join our volunteer network and WhatsApp group (optional). 

How to Volunteer 

Contact if you are interested in volunteering. We’re always happy to answer any further questions. 

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